Daylin Leach: Sexual Predator


State Senator Daylin Leach is the most notorious and unrepentant sexual predator in Pennsylvania government.

Long before allegations of his misconduct were made public, many women in state politics had heard the rumors and the warnings. Others had experienced his predatory behavior first-hand.

One of the members of our collective has personally experienced sexual assault perpetrated by Senator Leach in a professional setting. Another member was raped by him at age seventeen, at a time when he was still practicing law and acted as her mother's defense attorney.

Since the senator's record of serial sexual misconduct became public, many-- including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf-- have called for his resignation. While other outed predators like former senator Nick Miccarelli and enablers like former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair Marcel Groen quickly stepped down in the wake of #metoo, Leach has flatly refused accountability.

Leach has not only refused accountability but chose to openly mock survivors and their stories when allegations of his misconduct surfaced. When rape survivor Senator Katie Muth declined to appear publicly with him due to concerns about his record of sexual assault, he sought to undermine her campaign and her relationship with local party officials.

Senator Leach is a predator unwilling or unable to take responsibility for his reprehensible behavior towards women.

It's long past time for the Senate to act. Write your representative today and demand justice for survivors.